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Thank you very much for your interest in LiuGong. Before you log on the website and share its data, please read the following information carefully.


The copyright of this website belongs to Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd., which reserves all rights. The objects under protection include but are not limited to text, figure, LOGO, inventive idea and software in the website. In the following situation, anyone has the right to search, copy, print, reserve and propagandize any data issued in the website of Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd:

It can only used as information.

It can only used for individual or non-commercial purposes

The data is used only for reference.

Any revision for the website is forbidden.


The copyright of all trademarks, logos and service marks appearing in the website belong to Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd. or the third party with relevant legal rights. Without written permission of Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd. or the third party, it is forbidden to use, permanently download, copy and propagandize the data in any way.


This website includes the information on LiuGong’s products and promotion plan and the company will ensure the accuracy and upgrading of content. All the information provided does not have any definite or indicative guarantee, includes but is not confined indicative sales-promotion guarantee. The website includes comprehensive information as much as possible, but there may appear inaccuracy on technology or errors of figures. LiuGong reserves the right not to give notice in advance but make decision itself, and the right to revise, add any information at any time.

Keep private data secret

LiuGong has the right to use any private data in this website so as to improve the services for you.

LiuGong will do the best to collect, transmit and store private data according to the original activity.

LiuGong will not use your private data to provide you unimportant message or information; meanwhile, without your permission, it will not share your data with the third party or sell it to the third party. However, if the data must be provided according to law or governmental forcible regulations, LiuGong can be free from responsibility.

It is forbidden to post or transmit any virulent, insulting, libeling and rumoring information or the data or information regulated as to be illegal or right infringement according to relevant laws and regulations of other states. LiuGong does not have obligations to monitor or examine the information you input to the website and does not bear any responsibility and obligation. LiuGong reserves the right to examine the information you input or delete it without informing you of the decision in advance.


Any feedback is regarded as non-secret and we have the right to use suggestions, ideas, professional knowledge or technical knowledge in the feedback and freely pass them on to the third party.

Questions or Suggestions:

If you have any questions or suggestions on our activities or the articles of privacy, please send an email to: lggf@liugong.com